Friday, January 11, 2013

School's About to Start

School starts Monday and I'm once again incorporating blogs. This time, though, I'm doing it for all five of my classes -- three ENG 101: Writing and Research and two ENG 102: Intro to Literary Genres. I'll still use this site as the host for all of them. I'm working on organizing it so it will be more reader friendly.

My syllabus language for the blog changed ever so slightly. Here it is:


Each student needs to create a blog. You will create one blog post per week (starting week 2 through week 12) in response to readings. You will also need to comment on other students’ blogs. We will try to use Blackboard to share our posts with each other. Blog posts are usually 200-300 words, but you are welcome to write more. Comments need to demonstrate that you read the post you are commenting on. These will be graded on completion unless there is a clear lack of effort.

The blog serves a few purposes. One is that it acts as a journal and helps students get their thoughts out of their heads into word form. Blogs should also create, in students, some sense of accountability because the blog posts will be on the web for the world to see.

If you have a spare moment, I would appreciate you reading a student's blog now and then, maybe even leaving a comment.

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