Friday, March 1, 2013

NBA Skills Challenge and Peer Reviews ... a link

Some people reading this may know that I write for The Chronicle of Higher Education. I'm linking to something I wrote over there because it was inspired by some students this semester. Here's a chunk of the post:

"In peer-review sessions, the pressure is on the students. They have to judge and be judged, and too many of them put on the “too cool for school” air (many have the same attitude at other times, but I see it most during peer-review sessions). Like the point guards in the Skills Challenge, it’s the students who don’t care how they look who seem to get the most out of peer reviews, or out of class in general."

Read the whole thing here.

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  1. I enjoy the peer review. That way maybe someone might come up with something that I didn't think about. Helps me out when I get blocked. I am not that afraid to put my thoughts down on paper now. After all, I am entitled to my own opinion. We are all different. If we all had the same opinion what a boring world we would live in.