Friday, September 7, 2012

Oooh! Here's Something Fun! ... John Cleese on Creativity

Came across this video on Facebook. I like this quote: "It's easier to do trivial things that are urgent than it is to do important things that are not urgent, like thinking. And it's also easier to do the little things we know we can do than to start on big things that we're not so sure about."

It also makes me think about Gavin (my 4-year-old son) and letting him play. And how play leads to creativity. And his stuff about time is pretty great too. Ok, the whole thing's awesome.

By the way, for any younger readers, John Cleese was a member of Monty Python and he's considered one of the funniest people around. More recently, he's been in some Bond films and a couple of Harry Potter films. I think he plays a ghost in Harry Potter.

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  1. This is really cool and thought-provoking. I like his line, ""I'm not chickening out of my creative discomfort" in order to appear decisive. I learned more in this 35 minutes than I do on many entire days. Thanks for sharing this.

    --Dan Ream, RBC Library