Thursday, September 6, 2012

Updates and New Additions from Class

Some students have updated/created their blogs. We're still working out some kinks, but they are writing ... and saying some interesting things, too. Check out "English 101" by Morgan, with a post about some readings we did in class. Also, there's Shereka's post introducing herself, including a video of a fashion show she was in. Then, another new addition is D'Naja's blog, with a post introducing herself, including some music videos for songs she likes.

There's a running list of student blogs to the right. It should update itself to keep the most recently updated ones at the top.

Also, if you want to comment on student blogs, that would be great. You will need a profile of some sort (you'll see). It should only take a few minutes to make a profile if you don't have one. There may be an option for students to modify their blogs so readers won't need profiles to leave comments. I'll check on that.

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