Tuesday, October 2, 2012

From The Chronicle: Who is Paul Newman?

I really don't plan on linking to my Chronicle of Higher Ed posts much, but this one was inspired by Sporcle games (when I know the pop culture answers and students don't), by the pop culture essay in ENG 101, and by ENG 102 from prior semesters. It's about a lack of "culture" in today's younger generation.

The link: http://chronicle.com/blogs/onhiring/who-is-paul-newman/34116?cid=at&utm_source=at&utm_medium=en


  1. Good blog post and very interesting comments (51 so far on the original Chronicle of Higher Ed posting!). Part of this "disconnect" is plain old "generation gap", but your other points here are valid too. As a college student I was excited about catching up on the culture of the decades before me, and I see that interest less often in students now. That doesn't mean that students now are less perceptive, as many find old movies and music fascinating once they are exposed to them. The problem is that they haven't been exposed to these and I think parents not sharing these and schools driven by standardized testing are two major reasons why. Maybe RBC can offer exposure to great films, music and books of the 20th century as part of the RBC "experience"? It may not help anyone get a better job, but it will surely result in a richer life.