Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Power Point, Prezi, Oh My

Edit: I just figured out that these embeded presentations work better if you make them full screen.

Class is mostly discussions, but occasionally, I feel the need to present some information to students. On Tuesday, I went thorough two Power Points and a prezi. I'm liking prezi more and more. This is the second one I've made and I may modify it a little, but it's based off of an old Power Point I had, which is about Exigence, Audience, and Constraints according to Lloyd Bitzer's "The Rhetorical Situation." The other Power Points, which will probably become prezis one day, were about writing concisely and about structuring arguments.

I'm not a great lecturer, but I'm a good discussion facilitator (I think), so I don't use Power Point and things like that very often. I've never been good at making Power Points and I've always found them to be a little boring anyway. So when I do "need" them, I try to make presentations that use humor or pop culture references or something that will keep students interested. I think the strength of prezi is that is automatically has more motion than Power Points, which is more interesting. I also find it easier to create than Power Point. One of the weaknesses of prezi is that it's harder to withold information if you want to because everything has to be on the canvas. Of course, I'm an amateur with prezi, so I may be wrong.

Anyway, I've included the presentations, along with one that we did earlier in the semester. The Power Points are flash, so I think they won't work on Apple computers/devices. I used show.zoho.com to convert them.

Prezi on "The Rhetorical Situation" -- http://prezi.com/0fqrhrzvzxtd/exigence-audience-constraints/

Power Point on writing concisely --


Power Point on structuring arguments --

One from earlier in the semester on the rhetorical triangle --

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